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November 1, 2013

Hammonds and Leslies and more! Oh my! I really need to off-load some of my bulky instruments so if you're looking for a Hammond rig, a piano, a Rhodes or or something else, check out my
Equipment Sale!

Hammond & Leslie Service

I do some of my own mechanical repairs and refinshing but I leave the electronic work for a pair of technician brothers who have become well known for their excellent work in Canada. I am happy to refer your Hammond/Leslie repair work to my technicians as is appropriate. Likewise, I do most of my own repairs and service on Rhodes & Wurlitzer electric pianos but I'm not well equipped to provide electric piano service to others. If you're really stuck, give me a call and I may be able to assist.

Wanna Play?

If you're looking for an occasional Hammond sit-in for your band, I'm pretty good at flyin' by the seat of my pants. I know a lot of the old R&B standards, plus what I don't know I can usually pick up on the fly, so give me a shout & lets have some fun! ~ Phil

For Sale (aka I Need More Space)

Hammond C2 Console with Leslie 147: $2200

Hammond model A console with bench, pedals, Leslie 22h: $2750

Hammond E112 console with bench, pedals, Leslie 710 as-is: $800

Hammond BV console with Lesle 122: $3800

Hammond CV console with Lesle 122: $1800

Sherlock-Manning vertical console piano: $600

Rhodes 73 Electric piano - as-is - SOLD

Crumar (Univox) T1 "Organizer" vintage clonewheel combo organ, as-is: $200

Wurlitzer 200A Electric piano - SOLD

Coming Soon!

A whole whack of old rack gear and other studio stuff

This is cast-off gear from another era, including some processing, some MIDI, a couple mixers, a few tape decks and a few vintage classics like a Lexicon 224 reverb and an MCI JH110 half track deck. Watch this space! Drop me an email if you'd like to recieve a list once I compile all this stuff.

Have Something To Trade?

I will consider accepting the following in trade:

Working alto or tenor sax, student quality or better, as long as it's playable

Telecaster or Stratocaster, even half decent knock-offs, doesn't need to be Fender or Squier

Serious inquiries only.

All instruments may be auditioned by appointment.

Purchase of organ consoles or piano includes door-to-door delivery within 30 minutes drive of Pickering. Delivery in the GTA for $50.00