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November 1, 2013

Hammonds and Leslies and more! Oh my! I really need to off-load some of my bulky instruments so if you're looking for a Hammond rig, a piano, a Rhodes or or something else, check out my
Equipment Sale!

Hammond & Leslie Service

I do some of my own mechanical repairs and refinshing but I leave the electronic work for a pair of technician brothers who have become well known for their excellent work in Canada. I am happy to refer your Hammond/Leslie repair work to my technicians as is appropriate. Likewise, I do most of my own repairs and service on Rhodes & Wurlitzer electric pianos but I'm not well equipped to provide electric piano service to others. If you're really stuck, give me a call and I may be able to assist.

Wanna Play?

If you're looking for an occasional Hammond sit-in for your band, I'm pretty good at flyin' by the seat of my pants. I know a lot of the old R&B standards, plus what I don't know I can usually pick up on the fly, so give me a shout & lets have some fun! ~ Phil

Leslie Speakers

Leslie logo The Other Half of "the Hammond sound" I have four Leslie "122-ish" speaker cabinets and one model 142 available. The Leslie model 122 was specifically designed by Leslie to work with the Hammond console. (The 142 is similar to the 122, but in a shorter height cabinet) The 122's audio signal wiring, speed switching system, and tone filtering were optimized for use with the Hammond console. All of my 122/142 cabinets feature either an original 122 amplifier or a 147 or 251 amplifier converted to 122 specifications. While one of the Leslie cabinets began life as model 251, it has been modified to function as a model 122. All of my 122/142 Leslies also feature the preferred Jensen P15LL bass speakers. These were the early factory originals and provide the most desired bass response compared to later bass speakers. All of the above mentioned cabinets employ original issue Jensen V21 treble drivers. Please forgive that I've affectionatly named my Leslie speakers.

  • "Linc" is a model 122 which traveled extensively with Canada's Premiere Rhythm & Blues Act, Prakash John & the Lincolns. Linc has a freshly rebuilt and re-tubed 122 amp chassis as well as stock Jensen P15LL speaker & V21 driver. Although structurally solid, Linc's finish was so road-worn that I decided to have my artist friend Dan refinish the exterior in a Tex/Mex southwest theme. (Pics to follow) Linc currently works along side the BV every Sunday evening at Sanctuary where I play in the house band.
  • "Sloppy" Is a solid, albeit road-worn model 122. I acquired it as an abandoned, empty 122 cabinet which I quickly populated from my stock of spare Leslie components. This Leslie employs the stock Jensen V21 treble driver and P15LL bass speaker. Sloppy currently accompanies the CV in the personal recording/rehearsal studio of my friend Andy.
  • "251" Is functionally a model 122 which began life as a model 251. Both cabinet and amp chassis have been converted to 122 specifications. Installed are the stock Jensen V21 treble driver and P15LL bass speaker. This is the prettiest (most presentable) Leslie I have. 251 is paired with the A100 and remains on call for the bulk of rental work as well as my own gigs.
  • "Choppy" is a formerly abused model 122. Rescued from an estate auction, she was missing an amp chassis and the Jensen bass speaker was irreparable. Her previous owner thought it would be smart to saw the cabinet in half, deciding later to re-attach. Choppy is now reinforced, and refitted with stock Jensen V21 treble driver, P15LL bass speaker, and a 122 spec. amp chassis. Cosmetically, Choppy is pretty rough around the edges. She is currently dismanteld awaiting refinishing.
  • "Shorty" is a model 142, similar to the 122 but in a shorter cabinet. Taken in on trade, shorty was physically abused, painted black, and then mercilessly covered with two layers of wood-grain MACtac. After removing the MACtac, I found large holes in the sides where, presumably, some lifting handles once lived. The cabinet has now been stripped and refinished and has had decent recessed steel handles fitted to fill the holes. Shorty's amp has been freshened up and her Rola bass speaker has been replaced with a P15LL. Shorty now sits beside the model A in my living room.
  • The 760 is a solid state "stage" version of the 122 size cabinet. It comes with a custom made preamp with 1/4" input for use with keyboards or guitar. The 760 is typically paired with my old Korg CX3 on many of the dates I play.
  • Leslie Combo Pre-amps ~ I have three Leslie 145/147 combo preamps. One remains stock. Another has been modified for use with a 122 cabinet. The third has an additional "brake" switch to stop all rotation of the Leslie rotors.
  • Leslie Amps ~ I have two extra "floating" Leslie amp chassis' for other applications including 145/147, 125. With any of these I can configure a 145 or 147 cabinet for your needs.
  • "Frank" ~ I am currently assembling a "Franken-Leslie" from many of the spare parts I have acquired over the years. This will employ the dimensions, drivers, electronics and mechanicals of a model 122. The actual cabinet began life as a model 760 but is being refinished as a reinforced "roadable" unit. When finished, it can be rented with either of our 122 or 147 amp chassis'.