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November 1, 2013

Hammonds and Leslies and more! Oh my! I really need to off-load some of my bulky instruments so if you're looking for a Hammond rig, a piano, a Rhodes or or something else, check out my
Equipment Sale!

Hammond & Leslie Service

I do some of my own mechanical repairs and refinshing but I leave the electronic work for a pair of technician brothers who have become well known for their excellent work in Canada. I am happy to refer your Hammond/Leslie repair work to my technicians as is appropriate. Likewise, I do most of my own repairs and service on Rhodes & Wurlitzer electric pianos but I'm not well equipped to provide electric piano service to others. If you're really stuck, give me a call and I may be able to assist.

Wanna Play?

If you're looking for an occasional Hammond sit-in for your band, I'm pretty good at flyin' by the seat of my pants. I know a lot of the old R&B standards, plus what I don't know I can usually pick up on the fly, so give me a shout & lets have some fun! ~ Phil

Other Gear I Still Have For Some Reason

Korg CX3 - This is the original release from around 1979. I take this and the Leslie 760 when a Hammond console is inappropriate for any reason. As old as the CX3 is, I've got it tweaked so that it's still easy and fun to play. The CX3 has no vibrato/chorus, which I miss a lot, so I use an outboard "stomp box" chorus set to simulate Hammond "chorus 2". I've also played with the Leslie 760 filters to simulate the phat warmth of the tube Leslies. It's not the "real" thing but it sounds great.

Ensoniq EPS - This is an old sampler which was a staple in my recording studio and now serves as a "synth action" controller for my limited production and arranging needs. It works fine and I still use some of the samples I developed or purchaesd.

Yamaha TX802 - This is a 2U rackmount MIDI sound module which simultaneously provides up to eight DX7 voices, but only 16 note polyphony. Used much in my studio days, she still works fine.

Roland D110 - This is a 1U rackmount MIDI sound module. A very capable unit, I acquired it near the end of my studio run so it didn't see much use by me. Works fine though!

Boss DR-660 "Dr. Rhythm" - This is a table-top MIDI drum module which, years ago, served me well when arranging and producing and whose sounds made it onto to many of my projects.

Kawai K1m - This is a table-top MIDI tone generator which I used for bass guitar, electric piano and string/synth pads in the studio and also provided me with some Hammond sounds on gigs before I acquired the CX3.

Yamaha CP10 - This is a 1970s vintage electronic piano. It works fine and it's cool if you want that sound but it doesn't do anything for me.

Crumar T1 "Organizer" - I think this Italian-made combo organ was probably among the very first Hammond "clones" to hit the market in the early seventies. I used a similar one on the road for a few years and rented it repeatedly to some commercial studios during that time. It was pretty convincing through a Leslie and fun to play, but I don't seem to remember it being so heavy to carry. This particular one works okay but the tuning pot goes dead right where the "in-tune" spot is. Gotta fix that. Also, a number of keys are a little crooked and need straightening, if I ever get around to it.

For a complete list of all my other gear visit Siesta Produce