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November 1, 2013

Hammonds and Leslies and more! Oh my! I really need to off-load some of my bulky instruments so if you're looking for a Hammond rig, a piano, a Rhodes or or something else, check out my
Equipment Sale!

Hammond & Leslie Service

I do some of my own mechanical repairs and refinshing but I leave the electronic work for a pair of technician brothers who have become well known for their excellent work in Canada. I am happy to refer your Hammond/Leslie repair work to my technicians as is appropriate. Likewise, I do most of my own repairs and service on Rhodes & Wurlitzer electric pianos but I'm not well equipped to provide electric piano service to others. If you're really stuck, give me a call and I may be able to assist.

Wanna Play?

If you're looking for an occasional Hammond sit-in for your band, I'm pretty good at flyin' by the seat of my pants. I know a lot of the old R&B standards, plus what I don't know I can usually pick up on the fly, so give me a shout & lets have some fun! ~ Phil

Rhodes & Wurlitzer Electric Pianos

Fender Rhodes Stage 73 - I have two of these classic Electric Pianos from the early 1970s. This is the sound you hear on later Ray Charles, Chick Corea and Herbie Hancock as well as bazillions of other recordings. One of my Rhodes from 1973 is in excellent condition and is available for rent. A second Rhodes has seen a lot of the road but is worth restoring.I will likely rebuild this one as a hot-rod project, employing some of the many aftermarket upgrades available.

Wurlitzer 200 Electric Piano - This is the source of the classic electric piano sound of early Ray Charles, Supertramp and others. My "Wurly" has been used in live performances by the Lincolns and The Bill Colgate Band as well as in numerous recordings of people and bands who I don't know.

I recently acquired a model 206. This one began life as a "console" model, perched atop it's own speaker cabinet rather than the familar chrome legs. It's biege and nrown in color rather than black. It is functionally similar to the model 200. It's in very rough shape right now an I may rebuild it one day.