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September, 2017

EMVKEYS END-OF LIFE: It was a great run, but as of now I am no longer providing rental or service of Hammonds, Leslies, or elecric pianos. I am putting all of my energy into my final (perhaps) venture, which is Foundry 85 Classic Recording Studio.

Hammond & Leslie Service DISCONTINUED

While I contiue to do some of my own mechanical repairs and refinshing, (I leave the electronic work for a good friend and excellent technician) as of September 2017 I no longer provide service or repairs.

EMVKEYS End-of-Life

Hammond B3

EMVKEYS End-of-Life!

Phil Manning here - I hope you've enjoyed my little collection of indulgences. I've closed the store now but certainly drop me a note if you have common interests or if you just want to yak about the great old keyboards. The EMVKEYS inventory of keyboard instruments and accessories is my personal collection which I formerly made available for rental. As of September 2017 I've discontinued my rental and service activities as I am now devoting the majority of my remaining life energy to my new venture, Foundry 85 Classic Recording Studio. I hope you'll take a moment to visit the Foundry 85 website.